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Janice Madigan: A Character Study.

As we're about to read in the notes, Lynn had really high hopes for the Janice Madigan character. Her plans for her clearly seemed to have her be a tomboyish foil to a girly-girl like Deanna as well as being a bit of a burr under the saddle of one Elly Patterson. The strip in which Elly fretted about what a terrible influence a freakish anarchist tomboy was on her precious son was, I should think, clearly meant to be a means by which Lynn could hammer her mother over the cranium about how much she hated being told to sit down and behave like a good little girl when boys had much more fun. 

The reality of it is that aside from this sequence and the one for Christmas of 1983, she never appeared again. According to her Liography, she was an army brat who was just there for the duration of her dad's posting. Once he got reassigned, she left Milborough behind her forever. If she thinks of the place at all, it's as "that suburb with the crazy lady who was married to a dentist." 

We thus must ask "What happened?" We know that when she averted her gaze from the Nichols family that it was due to her need to not see that maybe she wasn't totally blameless in the collapse of her first marriage and when she stopped talking about Phil that it was due to Alan's need to not have his life broadcast for all to see so it seems that a similar thing prevented her from showing us that Mrs Ridgway was way out of line for trying to tell her that she needed to control her violent and antisocial impulses. 

That something was not just that she already had Mike for that. The problem was that she really doesn't seem to understand how the male mind works. We have seen strip after endless strip that makes the breezy, superficial and self-serving equation of being male with being ill-mannered, selfish, destructive, misogynistic and arrogant so the idea of wanting to be one of the guys, while appealing at the time, tends to confuse her. This is probably why the only sport Lizzie participated in is nice, friendly, safe figure skating. 
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