dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The art of not getting the point.

The odd thing about Lynn's decision to not really do anything with the Janice Madigan character is that it sort of highlights a problem she has with understanding what people are trying to tell her. My guess is that most of the mail she received told her that Mrs Average Reader had no abiding interest in looking at an ugly, destructive, screaming little girl who appeared out of nowhere and commanded Mike to do stupid things. The problem is that Lynn wanted to explore the side of her that was a tomboy trying to make her way in a suburb loaded with mostly boys through the character and (since it looked to her as if their comments about Janice were directed at HER) went away from this with the mistaken impression that her fans didn't want her to do so because they didn't like her.

Now, don't get me wrong here. I'm not saying that Lynn is unique in having an observer bias. The problem is that she can't seem to figure out that other people can't see inside her skull so she tends to say some pretty wacky stuff. As a for instance, she couldn't have made it clearer that she believed that she actually had to show a blow-by-blow account of April's time in hospital after her near-drowning and that it would take weeks to do so. Nothing in her half-education had ever prepared her for the possibility of her readers saying "Oh, right. John told Elly and his parents that he'd meet them at the ER. Hey, there's April. She must have checked out okay or they'd have mentioned a problem." if she'd done what I thought she should have.

When she really, really failed to see the point was, of course, when she wrote that "Please love Anthony" thing. As one could expect, she said a lot of things that made sense to her. The idea that that would only intensify the debate was a point lost on her because she can't see very far.

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