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The art of not thinking about things.

Part of the reason that Lynn didn't quite understand why people questioned how heroic Anthony was supposed to have been is that she doesn't seem to spend a lot of time thinking about the broader implications of what she does. Unlike Rumiko Takahashi and her response of "I don't think about such things and neither should you" when confronted with the horrifying implications of some of the things she's written, Lynn isn't actually so frightened of having to work out how her gags would play out in the real world that she wills herself to not follow the logic to its disturbing conclusion. She actually isn't seeing a problem with what she does because thirty seconds after she steps away from her drawing board, her short-term memory goes blank.

This inability to remember the past marches hand in hand with the assumption that everyone else has a memory like a sieve. Lynn's suppressed anger at having things she's said in the past brought up is combined with confusion because, well, she's upset that people seem to remember things. This sort of not really thinking and not really remembering is thus another factor that makes the notes an exercise in confusion. Not only do we have to deal with things that only make sense to her, we have to contend with her inability to remember why she did things.

One of the things that she seems to have failed to remember is (as forworse implies) that she even had a character named Janice to play with in the first place. By the time she got done hammering the kids over the head with the fact that they should be grateful that John and Elly feed, clothe and house them and us over the head with the fact that John is an insensitive brute, the concept "tomboyish foil" seems to have vanished from her brain. This, along with an antipathy to tomboys I'll discuss later, is why the next time a girl named Janice appeared, she was more of a real girl.
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