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On things that Lynn wants to be noticed...

I've noticed a commonality in the notes attached to the strips that deal with the poor grades of the Patterson children. I'm not talking about how Lynn seems to regard the habit those around her have of wanting to do well in things that don't interest her as being an unfair imposition or how it is that people who do do that are awful, awful finks who only do so to get her into trouble and make her look bad. Today, I'm talking about how awful her parents were for not giving her a pat on the head for doing as little as possible to avoid failing out entirely. In her mind, they were being heartless and unfair because they noticed that her cruel, heartless teachers who had no sense of human made horrible comments about how she could do well in something that was useless because it bored her if she could be bothered to try instead of being wonderful parents and telling her that it was all okay that she did well in things that she liked.

What appears to have escaped her is, as always, how that made her look. She sees a poor little girl being unfairly singled out for no reason. What her parents probably saw was a lazy idiot who whined "Can't you let me give up on myself and settle for less in life? I don't want to have the pride of accomplishment because work is boooooooring!!" The notion that it's the hard things in life that make living it worth a damn is not something that seems to appeal to the spoiled, lazy five year old that she seems to still be.
Tags: lynn versus her family, lynn versus the real world

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