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On the solicitation of sympathy....

In one of my recent entries about the Lynnsights, I neglected to mention something that I assumed to be a given. After all, it's not really all that difficult to see that most of what Lynn does is based on the need to have people feel sorry for her and forgive her her more irritating habits. Let's see who she sees as having oppressed her:

  1. Her mother: When you take what Lynn has said about the woman and sum it up, you get the following: "My mother expected me to behave like a human being instead of a selfish little monster and to do things that bored me....PITY ME!!"
  2. Her teachers: We get much the same need to be pitied because of their insistence on her not acting like a destructive, defiant jerk as well as applying herself to things that bored her. Further pity is required because they didn't take the time to look past the sullen need to attack anyone who allows as how she doesn't know what's good for her to find the nice kid buried under the screwed-up twit.
  3. Her brother Alan: When she's not whimpering for sympathy because he was allowed more freedom despite being younger just 'cause he has a penis, she's moaning because her parents never admitted that he had to obey her.
  4. Men in general: Every so often, Lynn whinnies about the crazy, no-way fantasy world-wide conspiracy of all men everywhere to destroy her freedom of expression and to chain her to a stove.
  5. Her ex-husbands: When they're not cheating on her, they do things that annoy her. This means that we are asked to pity her.
  6. Other women: I've already talked about the other super-crazy impossible fantasy cabal of all that attractive women in the world to steal any man Lynn might be interested in so that they can laugh at her as she dies old, miserable, ugly and alone so I shouldn't really have to repeat it.
  7. Her children: Since she believes in the ridiculous myth of the writers' trance, it shouldn't be much of a surprise that we're expected to lavish pity on her because they want her to waste her time on the unimportant things that bore her called 'their childhoods.' Well, that and she's expected to also clean.
  8. Hating Haters who Hate: When she's not dealing with awful people and their baffling need to have their personal lives not appear on the printed page, she's bleating about the need to be pitied because horrible, cruel, unfair people expect the too much of her that is called taking the time to not churn out crap.

I can further simplify things by saying that when she's not whining for sympathy because she's expected to deal with things she finds distasteful or boring, she's moaning "Please pity me" because she's a narcissistic jerk whipsawing between delusions of invincibility and over-the-top self-loathing. Given how inattentive Kool-Aid Nation is, all they see when she's being held to account is someone being picked on so the mother hen impulse is wasted on someone they'd cross the street to avoid were she as big a part of their daily lives as they think she is.
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