dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Lizzie: the unrecognized irritant.

A funny thing happened when Lynn wrote her notes for the strip that originally ran on 10 June 1983. The funny thing was not that she went off on a ridiculous tangent about badminton; after all, we've come to expect her to focus on side issues while being blind to something that almost everyone else sees. Her skewed focus on the things she and she alone sees as mattering prevents her from not only seeing what we notice but also prevents her from understanding why we can see it.

In this instance, her blind spot is the fact that once again, she's depicted Lizzie as being an insufferable buttinski and she can't even see that she's done so or be capable of understanding it when it's pointed out to her. Every so often, you'll see Mike simply trying to live his life when Lizzie horns in and whines her way into spoiling his fun. Since Lynn depicted a real-life event she didn't have the ability to understand, we get a faithful picture of something the walking, talking camera saw and recorded but was incapable of comprehending.
Tags: lynn's defective creative vision

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