dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Further thoughts on dowdiness.

A recent Sunday strip has once again brought to mind the habit Lynn has of showing us that in any sort of formal occasion, Elly can be relied on to be a frumpy mess. When she isn't emphasizing her flaws both real and imagined, she's either wearing clothes that were stylish at some distant point in the past or she's got something on that makes her look ten or fifteen years older than she actually is.

Lynn's standard remark about how a frumpy, shlumpy Elly is more believable and sympathetic than someone who knows what looks good on her and proves it isn't just about her problematic self-image. Part of me thinks that part of her thinks that the average woman on the street has the same damned problem. I should think that we're going to see her say that "we women can never seem to dress as well as Hollywood celebrities---GRRRRRR" or some such tripe that demonstrates her belief that the average middle-class matron looks like a blowsy, frowsy old fright who wouldn't know style if it bit her on the rump. Ah, well. This is what happens when the nouveau riche imagine life amongst the great unwashed. In her mind, Levittown looks a lot like Tobacco Road.

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