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Michael the pliable and his three bad friends: a discussion.

You will no doubt recall my article in which I'd posited that Lynn uses the strip to depict events that she has seen but does not seem to understand as having happened the way we do. The example I gave was that she doesn't seem to understand that Lizzie looks less like a cute little girl expressing herself and more like a yapping annoyance cowering behind Mommy's ankles when she's called on something. The current arc, however, provides us all with a more chronic failure of Lynn's creative vision. Simply put, Lynn refers to Mike as a trusting person when, in fact, he's a pathetic sucker who stumbles through this life allowing himself to be exploited by horrible people in yet another doomed attempt to fit in and be liked. The worst of it is that he foolishly refers to his three chief tormentors as his friends.

We begin, of course, with his pal Lawrence. As you know, I tend to think that if it weren't for the fact that their mothers are friends and that Michael can be dared to do any damned thing, Lawrence would have had little to do with him. Since Mike will do any damned thing in the hopes of getting the praise, love and approval his self-absorbed cretins of parents hatefully deny him, he was always up to make an ugly spectacle of himself.

A few years later, we were introduced to his second bad friend: Gordon Mayes. His distinguishing characteristic was and is that he's your pal only so long as you have something he wants. It can be a material object or an alibi for his need to make a hormonal fool of himself but if you buddy up to him, you'd better count your fingers afterwards.

We next come to his current bad friend, Josef Weeder. Weed, as I've said, is the same sort of bad friend to Mike that Ted is to John. Both overgrown children seem to live for trying to get Mike to experience life and define same as "tomcatting around like a fool."

The three rotten friends have something in common aside from enabling Michael's less charming behaviors or exploiting his trust for their own advantage. They also insist on telling him what a horrible person he is for daring to stand up in the defence of his own rights. Trying to reconcile his being yelled at for wanting to not get hosed as well as for being done by experts is an exercise in what Orwell called doublethink. Lynn wants us to believe that Mike should and should not stand up for himself at the same time.
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