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Lynn's excuses and what they mean.

Like most arcs, the "Mike and the roller-skate" saga is the inspiration for fairly predictable events. Not only do we have Kool-Aid Nation angrily come to Elly's defense and grumble about lazy and spoiled children, Lynn used the notes to defend her own failings as a creator.

The first irritating thing she did was try to claim that even back in 1983, she had a firm idea of what was happening to her characters and where they'd end up. Not only does that contradict her earlier statement about how she doesn't really focus too much on what goes on in her world, it makes little sense because she clearly seems to have no idea what she thought back then. The part of her that's irritated by the unwelcome habit other people have of quoting what she said in the past and why is irritated mostly by the fact that since she can't remember what she said, no one else should either. About the only people that would support this tendency are those who don't like thinking about what they read lest they discover things about it that raise questions about themselves that they do not want the answers to.

They also don't want to admit that her claim that she has too many characters is so much hot air. While they'd probably be willing to admit on a purely theoretical basis that yes, they can keep track of primary, secondary, tertiary and even ancillary characters, their need to bow to any idiot who claims to be an authority figure makes them meekly go along with Lynn's own tendency to mindlessly conform to suspect advice. Merely because Schulz had no use for a cast herd doesn't mean that she should follow his advice because his world is not her own.

They also seem to want to buy into her nonsense about having no time to tell whatever story she has in her head. Rather than admit that since they'd be (as by way of example) perfectly satisfied with John's telling Elly that he'll meet her and his parents at the hospital to check on April after taking Farley to the vet and have that be all that needs to be said about the issue, they say "Yes, Lynn, we need to be spoon-fed information because we're idiots. Tell us about the zits and vacuuming."

In short, the only reason Lynn is allowed to get away with outrages like that is because her fans let her do so.
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