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Gordon Mayes, Concept Erosion and Kool-Aid Nation.

The reason I mentioned all of Lynn’s excuses yesterday was owing to something we all remarked on: the fact that the Gordon of 1983 probably wasn’t the child of an abusive, drunken father and a mother who worked two jobs to put food on the table. After all, he was able to bribe Mike and could easily afford new skates so it was fairly likely that he too had an upper-middle class background like Mike and Lawrence. It could well have been that Lynn had originally decided to make him into an Eddie Haskell clone; what was supposed to have happened was that he’d be a conniving jerk to his fellow children and an obsequious doormat to adults. The only parents who’d fall for his Uriah Heep act would have been fairly clueless. The clueless parent that I have in mind thought that she was ten pounds overweight when she came out of Marian’s womb, has no sense of humor and jabs her finger into the air like a lunatic while lecturing about things that she sees in the worst possible light. For some reason or other, she’d either decided to scrap the plan or been told by a relative of the person the character was based on to cut the monkey business because this was her boy’s life she was ruining.

The problem is that Lynn doesn’t want to admit to this because it would, as I said, mean that she could no longer be able to tell her fans that everything was set in stone all the way back in 1983. She’d also have to admit that repurposing Gordon was sort of stupid because she didn’t, after all, have too many characters. As a for instance, she could have remembered that Daryl Smythe existed and given him most of Gordo’s tragic past. That would free Gordon to be a sort of prototype for Jo Weeder. We could thus have seen the Pattersons praise him for not letting his distant patriarch define his life with his money power and build something on his own.

What we got started out as Lynn's nitwit moralizing about the inevitable effects of people actively stating that they'd like to separate and eventually divorce. After all, ALL children of broken homes (or of single parents) inevitably become delinquents who tempt good children like Mike with the evils of playing Space Invaders and using profanity; if they didn't, Lynn's ideas about the world would be revealed to be empty platitudes spouted by someone who only rebelled against parental authority to get attention.

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