dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Wheel of misfortune.

The very odd thing about the endgame of this arc is that's not what a person preaching the work-to-win sermons coming from the heights of Kool-Aid Mountain. I should think that they expect to see Mike learn that yes, chores don't hurt and yes, working hard is the only path to what a person wants. What they don't expect to have happen is what does happen: some little boy with nearly-new roller skates breaks his leg and has to sell them. Mind you, I don't honestly expect them to see this because they've never seen it happen before. There is something about their love of the Pattersons that blinds them to their heroes and their rather repulsive gratitude for the seemingly endless number of strangers whose misery and pain they can turn to their own advantage. They and Lynn can, for instance, watch Liz crow that she got a great job because her predecessor got divorced and lost her visa with nary a whimper of concern. Point out how heartless Liz is for doing it and you either get called a cynical monster who hates everything and is also just jealous or get lectured about how it's just a comic strip when your point of view makes a point they'd rather not face.
Tags: coffee talkers, ogres are us

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