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John's mouth and Kool-Aid Nation's deaf ears.

I think that it's fairly safe to say that the only person in the world whose feelings John Patterson worries about are his own. We're about to be reminded that he thinks it's the height of comedy to compare his children to barnyard animals and that he thinks that Elly sits on her arse eating bon-bons. As the years go on, he makes one amazingly hurtful remark after another in smug complacency and, when confronted, either makes a dismissive remark about how people are needlessly sensitive or mewls piteously about being asked to consider the feelings of other people as if that is tantamount to being castrated. What's more, the merest hint that he too must be laughed at always enrages him.

This, of course, is owing to his refusal to consider the fact that other people's feelings really matter or entertain the notion that he is a mean-spirited, loutish, narcissistic jackass instead of the wonderful guy that he thinks he is. My guess is that Carrie Patterson is a lot like some of the more strident of the Get-A-Life battalion. What I've noticed is that his cutting remarks just wash over them as if they don't want to see how very repellent and churlish John really is. It makes a lot of sense that his mother just sat on her fat behind and just let the geyser of carbolic acid she calls a son spew his venom over everyone who couldn't fight back because boys will be boys.

I can say this in smug complacency of my own because he looks to me like the absurdity called a mama's boy. I can well imagine his every stupid move gushed over by a cooing mother as if he were the first boy to, as Lynn would so delicately phrase it, pop out of a gal's chute. This would explain his agitating habit of not thinking about things because it would appear that he was told not to. It would also explain why he thinks of Elly as a maid. Until he left home, women had been isolating him from the world his whole life so he needed to return to normality.
Tags: coffee talkers, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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