dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The supposed redemption of Rebecca Maguire: A Hatchet Buried.

Now, it seems to me, based on what I see, that Becky is being retconned just as wonderful as Gerald is. Beforehand, she was racing around acting like an extra bad person. Or was she? I sort of remember the situation she found herself in: her roadie, Jeremy, had pulled a disappearing act and some of her back-up band were sloshed on her dime. Not only that, she got showed up by a garage band featuring a session musician doing a white-bread ripoff of Blue Man Group. She wasn't being Eeeeeeeeeevil Becky when she simpered that they were 'Too Good'; she was being a normal human being complaining because she was frustrated. The readiness with which she accepted April's half-hearted attempt at sympathy and ignored the gloating manifest within it tells me that, deep down, she thought April's animosity towards her had blown over months ago. Here she is, singing for a good cause she probably supports, and she still looks like she has to be redeemed. Hell, she could volunteer her time at the Senior's Centre and April would bitch about the snotty way she was catering to the needs of the elderly and infirm. It flips me how Elly can't recognize herself in April, it really does.
Tags: becky, picky-face martian princess creature

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