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Magic Chauvinstic Racists: Lynn's love/hate relationship with farmpeople.

One of the funnier and more irritating things about having to read Lynn's travelogues is that she so clearly expects the people who live where she is to behave in a certain way and yearns to find the real place instead of the vaguely Westernized environment in which she finds herself. Her trip to Thailand made it quite obvious that she expected them to live exactly as they do in period dramas set centuries in the past and the fact that they too moved with the times angers her on some level.

The need to cast people as extras in a D movie or set pieces in a mildly racist and extremely paternalistic travel guide isn't restricted to foreigners who have to absorb guff from a drunken she-yahoo of a tourist bitching about the architecture and the fact that they don't dress up in ceremonial garb 24/7. We can find it right here in the Great Wiped-out North. That's because Lynn doesn't write farm people. She writes rural stereotypes and magic people. Not only do we have Danny and Laura double-teaming the kids with the logical fallacy called the appeal to nature, we have an endless array of hayseeds who seem to be mired in a nineteenth century mindset. Moving from the old farmhand loaded with default misogyny who treats Elly like an imbecile because she has a uterus to Harvey Rood is a lateral one and tends to remind us that Lynn thinks that farm folk still think and act as if Princess Victoria just took to the throne.

This need to treat people as extras in a bad movie is also why, as I've said, that Liz treated the people up North as characters in a television series and not as people with lives and dreams. Since Lynn can't see them as people, neither can Lizardbreath.
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