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The Bad Neighbo(u)r Policy.

While we're on the subject of the Pattersons on holiday, I'd like to call your attention to one of the most annoying strips that I have ever had the displeasure of seeing. The original run date was 31 March 1995 and the subject matter was oh-so-typical. What happened was that John called Elly's attention to the garish spectacle that was an American couple on vacation; the 'joke' was that the two Americans (who I'll call Jack and Alice Peterson) looked almost exactly like John and Elly.

The point Lynn seems to have been trying to make was that John and Elly might not have much cause to high-hat Jack and Alice because people are pretty much the same all over. The problem is, of course, that like a lot of us up here, there's a strong need to not be thought of as a junior-grade Yank. This mild disdain, this narcissism of minor differences has its origins in our peoples' shared history.

What a lot of people in the States might not be aware of is why there's a constitutional monarchy to their north or where the English Canadians come from. This is because history doesn't go out of its way to teach them where the people who backed Britain in the Revolution went. They went here and they built this country in the image of what they thought America should be. This, of course, leads to a mild sense of being ill-at-ease with America-that-is, a need to not be like you. This also leads to Lynn getting a bug up her ass at the dropping of a yod and mocking clones of herself for rhyming about with avowed.
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