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This strip conserves activism.

I think that it’s safe to say that a lot of people are under the mistaken apprehension that Lynn is more active politically than she actually is. The reason that they make this mistake is that they read strips like the one in which Elly bleats about shells and pretty stones and think to themselves that this is a woman who thinks deeply about issues. What is actually happening is that Lynn is engaged in the same sort of morose, passive mooing about a problem that she can’t see a solution to and exhorting us all to sit on our asses being all shocked and saddened that nothing can be done about it. The interesting thing is that this same need to sit around and whine piteously about a problem that the poor, helpless gal simply can’t do anything to fix comes up as a plot point in the comic strip Cathy. The difference is that Guisewite is at least aware that it’s not rational to dismissively rebuff male offers to fix it and that usually when a woman shares this with her friends, it’s with the understanding that the people she’s complaining about would take her attempts to extricate herself from a situation the wrong way.

This is because Guisewite might have the same sort of warped body image that Johnston has but at least she knows that she’s being a bit nuts. While it’s true that she’s the voice for every woman made to feel bad about who she is by a culture that doesn’t seem to value the feminine that much, she isn’t going to tape up a sign in a bathroom as a passive-aggressive attempt to give a teenager a huge, smug middle finger. When Guisewite does stir herself to express her concerns about the waste and stupidity of our society, she at least has the decency to blame the right people.

Tags: cathy: no nose but also no foobery, lynn versus the real world

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