dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"Let's laugh at children because they don't know much"

I might never really have mentioned this before but I have never been a fan of the comic strip Family Circus. You don't have to read too many of them before you realize that Keane hadn't had all that much patience for the fact that his children didn't come out of the womb with an adult understanding of the world. Every time he went out of his way to make his daughter's mispronunciation of unfamiliar words into a big joke or refused to entertain the possibility that just maybe his children didn't speak grammatically because they were children who were trying to puzzle out language, you got the distinct impression that this was a man who thought that they deserved to be mocked because they were young and ignorant.

We also see this annoying tendency in the Foobiverse. Just as Lynn goes out of her way to put hickspeak in the mouths of those she dares to feel superior to, she hammers home her impatience with the unfair and evil reminders that children are not born speaking and thinking like adults by interlarding her strips with apostrophes and phonetic spellings.
Tags: lynn versus her family

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