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Going the extra mile for dummies.

Now to get to what I was talking about the other day, I’d like to take this opportunity to discuss one of Elly’s less palatable habits: the need to overextend herself to please people who don’t matter while underperforming when she should put in the extra effort. The example we saw most recently was her bolting out of the tub in a blind rage because of her clear belief that if she missed just one call, no one anywhere would ever think that she could be relied on for anything. Based on what we’ve seen of her, she clearly seems to be combining her default assumption that everyone, everywhere wants to mock her as a failure with a need to project her own lack of patience with disappointment onto other people. Personally, I think that Elly would glumly decry the horror of a free lunch even if she hadn’t been raised by a pill like Marian but having a rage-prone, patience-averse nutjob who thought that if she didn’t police Elly beter, she’d be unleashing CHAOS didn’t help.

This takes the form of Elly, who was raised to think that she was surrounded by authority figures who shared her lack of tolerance and patience for perceived imperfections, spending her time in a blind, hate-filled panic because she must impress people who wonder why the dentist’s wife always does things the hard way. The downside is that since she thinks that her children have no power to affect her life, she doesn’t need to impress them at all. If they don’t like what she does, they have to play the game ‘Adapt’ wherein she does whatever she wants to and they adapt to it. I don’t like her chances when it comes to selecting an old age home and when she passes on. She’ll be boarded at the kennel Farley was put in and her remains will be packed off to the county incinerator.

Tags: elly versus her family, elly versus the real world

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