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How priorities get skewed: an example and an explanation.

Continuing on from yesterday, I'd like to remind us all of why it is that Elly's priorities are almost always laughably skewed. Since she failed April the most horribly, let's look at why it is that it seems to be so damned inconvenient for her to look out for April's best interests. The example I'd like to talk about today is her inability to see Kortney Krelbutz's threat to bust April's face as being a problem. Since the moral lesson she derived from her last need to champion a hateful little thug that wanted to run April down and beat her half to death for a ridiculous and self-serving reason is that a loser needs to winner to stop him from being violent, she went into things not seeing a problem. What really sealed the deal was that while April and Moira said one thing, Kortney's mother (probably the Loretta we heard about once) said quite another. Since Kortney feigned respect for her and a friend (who was probably lying either to save face or due to denial) vouched for her, Elly was willing to give a lying thief more benefit of the doubt than her own child.

This, I think, is the real reason for her inability to realistically see what's important. Quite frankly, when it comes to either acting in her own best interests (or those of her family) or currying favor with someone who she can impress, she'll always choose the latter. In her mind, it wasn't "protect my child and get rid of an embezzler" as much as it was "protect my protegée from people who hate her for no reason and are probably jealous anyway". This inability to see the world better also seems to have made a victory into a humiliation.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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