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Shaving with Hanlon's Razor: the other reason the Pattersons fail at parenting.

As you might have noticed, the current arc has, for some reason or another, led to a discussion of the British public information film Apaches; the reason for that is that Lynn's failure to quite realize why allowing a three year old child run around unsupervised on a working farm and thus exposing himself to any number of life-threatening hazards is anything more than an excusable oversight reminded a lot of us of the stupidity of every character in the film. From the stupid children who die needless and dehumanizing deaths and the witlessly negligent farmers who fail to adequately prevent the suicidal little twits from killing themselves to the learning-impaired parents whose response to this is "Let the imbecile ringleader continue to lead the other children to gruesome death", we seem to be dealing with a world in which no one has the least bit of foresight and intellect nor any sort of instinct for self-preservation. Lynn's passive admission that Aaron was taken away by his (probably horrified) grandparents after he damned near got killed due to someone's fatuous negligence was phrased in such a manner that it was made clear that she seems to have no real idea that she needed to childproof her environment.

It was as if we were dealing with the blank-eyed, death-seeking protagonist of the film; in both cases, it seemed as if they were unaware of how death worked owing to being bleeding stupid. What this tells us that every time we see a Patterson child running around undersupervised, we're not just dealing with a parent who's lazy and probably thinks that children get hurt to make Mommy's life worse, we're also dealing with a cretin going "Duuuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh!!! Oh, look!! Lizzie is about to drink window cleaner!! Let's stand back and watch how this develops!!"

When we combine this with Elly's need to be thought well of by people who don't matter, it's a miracle that any of her children survived. Take, for instance, the Jermy Wormy Jeremy Jones thing. We have on the one hand a child being menaced by a hateful little shit who thought that being in a single-parent household gave him licence to act like a septic ulcer on the face of society and on the other a little girl being menaced by a rat bastard idiot who needed discipline in the form of getting kneecapped by the Provisional IRA owing to his belief that playing a harmonica meant that he got to pound her. Elly's response was not to actually confront the stupid little piece of shit's idiot mother but to fold her hands and see how this developed. Had it not been for a deus ex machina in the form of a bad driver, we'd have a crowing bastard child who got to declare 'victory' in the form of going to juvie to get gang-raped by a group of Yardies-in-training after crippling a small girl. Elly's response to all of that would have been to deny any sort of active responsibility for failing to effectively parent.
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