dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Arnold: Danny's own personal Ted

As we know, both John and Mike have themselves immature twit sidekicks whose purpose is to make them look better by being slightly less civilized and mature than they are. Ted's function in the strip is to remind us that there are worse men than John while Weed's is to show us how practical and with-it Mike is.

The reason I mentioned this is that we're about to be reminded that Danny also has a sidekick whose function is to make him look better: Arnold the hired man. In his first appearance, he foreshadowed Howard Erk by making a lot of ill-informed noise about how women didn't have the brains to function in the world and shooing Elly off the combine because a woman's place is making him lunch, not harvesting the wheat that makes his bread. In his second appearance in the early nineties, the grotesque jackal made an abrasive and witless comment about how pigs and children act better when kept isolated from their own kind. In both cases, my inner cynical creep muttered "Like that slob would know about women and children." This is because he looks and talks like the sort of person who can't make a relationship last and is too squishy to deal with children.

Since Danny is a reasonably caring family man who mostly remembers that he's got it good, Arnold thus serves his purpose by being a failure.
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