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Vern and Alice reconsidered.

In my haste to try to make sense of the living situation at Exile Farm, it's become sort of obvious that I overlooked something rather important that I should not have. As you will recall, the strip that originally ran on 27 June 1983 had Elly tell Mike that despite what John might have said about the farm being so cramped that he and Lizzie would have to sleep in a barn with the rest of the animals that Danny and Alice had more than enough room for the four of them. The problem is that by the time they got there, Danny's parents were also present and well, the kids were forced to the wayside. The reason that the same thing happened during the Pattersons' Christmas of Super Togetherness (and saving Mike from that scary Martha and her threatening body language) was that Will and Carrie were visiting the farm as well.

What this tells me is that at some point, Danny had said "Ohhhh. About that? When Mom and Pop heard you were coming, they decided you guys needed babysitters so they flew in from the West Coast yesterday. Sorry about the crowding." when Elly or John asked why his folks were there. My guess is that they lost the coin toss to Will and Carrie that year. Either way, both couples served the same essential purpose: to be stand-ins for Rod's parents who, as we know, offered to watch over Aaron rather than read the headline "Small boy brutally killed on farm."
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