dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The miracle of obliviousness: Lynn at Comic-con.

I think that it’s fairly safe to say that Lynn isn’t especially aware of what is going on around her. Most of the fun of her travelogues (as well as most of the rage we felt) was listing the things about her environment that she either misinterpreted or completely failed to notice at all. When she’s not simpering about how she doesn’t like to see scary images about a phenomenon she’s too shallow, cowardly and stupid to understand, she’s completely failing to see something important going on in the background because her biases hide it from her mind’s eye. An example of the latter comes into play when one of her Lynnsights will explain that the reason her in-laws swooped down and took Aaron to Lynn Lake with them was that he almost got killed owing to the collective stupidity of the ‘adults’ ‘taking care’ of him. The passive tense, the unsubtle implication that she might as well have been a stone statue for all the input she had in the process tell us a horror story that she still can’t quite see.

We also have to remember that the same blank-eyed clod of a woman seems to have it in her head that she deserves special treatment because she’s too out of it to notice all the free passes people have handed her over the years. Even someone as abrasive as Jan Wong is perturbed by the entitlement radiating from a very lucky (and very passive) woman.

Now imagine sending this woman to the San Diego Comic-con. If you assumed she’d make a fool of herself twice over (first by attending and second by talking about it), you’d be spot on. First off, she had it in her head that most, if not all, of the cosplayers (or, in Lynn-speak, “space cadets”) were high on more than the enthusiasm of seeing trailers for upcoming films, television series, video games and other things that escaped Lynn’s attention or confused her by being there because they aren’t comics. While her son Aaron might have known what to expect, Lynn was probably thinking “HUM!!! A video game, toy or movie isn’t a comic book or strip so they should go somewhere else to talk about them!!” All that mattered to her was the chance to meet other zombie cartoonists and piss and moan about how awful, stinky, doody-head computers and mean old fans who ask questions instead of smiling and being intellectually insulted by a failure are ruining everything.


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