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Karen Matchette and the Pattersons' bunker mentality: a proposal.

As we've seen, there seems to have been a sea-change in the way the Pattersons behaved sometime around the year 2000. While we did notice that they were wary of people outside of the familiar sphere of friends and family before the turn of the century, once people at large realized that Y2K would be A-OK, what started as a rather understandable caution turned into raging paranoia. This would explain why it was that April grumbled about how Mira had to win all the time. We saw a woman trying her damnedest to have some say in her grandchildren's lives; the Pattersons saw a domineering outsider who wanted to make them slaves to her family politics. This idea that imperious outsiders wanted the Pattersons and their friends to live on their knees while writhing in agony is also why they turned sitting duck Thérèse Caine into a monster. She wasn't a confused, ill-used woman whose every chance at happiness was blighted by either the presence of a clingy, spoiled idiot woman bleating "Nizzie no wanna move on wif her wife!! Nizzie gotsa be wif Amfomy!!" or unsubtle hints that she was being 'selfish' and 'unreasonable' for expecting that her husband actually agree to any sort of bargain that left her in a position of power, she was the Devil because she kept the Pattersons from rolling over any opposition to their need to latch onto everything that wasn't nailed down.

It has recently come to my attention that there's a damned good real-life reason why Lynn has it in her head that outsiders will come and laugh as they deny the Pattersons their rightful share (100%) of the world: the Syndicate responded to her vague comment about retiring by parachuting in a Karen Matchette. The idea Ms Matchette seems to have had was that once she'd gotten Lynn's art style down pat, she'd take over the strip and do things her own way. The problem is that when Lynn realized this, she was probably beside herself with rage. After all, the strip was her life and to have someone else come in and have the Pattersons do things she felt uncomfortable with was a bad thing in and of itself.

She would thus experience this not as a new voice saying new things in a new way but as an outsider showing up and throwing her weight around while leaving her out in the cold to be forgotten or laughed at. The end result of all of this was that it reconfirmed Lynn's need to die at her drawing-board as well as her fear and hatred of anything outside her narrow comfort zone. Well, that and another phenomenon that dare not speak its name either in Corbeil or in Milborough: the unspoken, not-to-be-acknowledged fear that the critics' real crime is being right. More on that in my next entry.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, lynn versus the real world

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