dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Vaildation Redux..

There is, of course, another reason Lynn's fans praise her for her "unique" gift of observing the world as it is that doesn't rely on their belief in the ridiculous belief they share with Lynn about how the ability to create is bestowed by the Gods on a lucky few. The reason is one I alluded to earlier: the need for validation. Simply put, they like to see lives like their own depicted on the comics page. It reassures them that people like them are living lives as bland and boring and wretched as their own so they're going to love someone who tells them that it's okay to be plastic people living in a plastic world.

This, of course, is why we have so very many letters condemning Therese for having post-partum depression and resenting the fact that no matter where she turned, she either had to come face to face with an angry, pouty twit who wouldn't move on with her life or being reminding that said pathetic imbecile needed to be given preferential treatment because her mother is the crazy dentist's even crazier wife. It's also why so many idiots loved it when she was out of the picture and the unholy union that is the Settlepocalypse was visited on an unhappy world. They settled for less and balked at the unfamiliar and need to not be reminded that they sold themselves short. 
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