dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Apache Syndrome.

Now, as we know, the whole point of the Arnold-smugly-tells-Elly-that-her-place-is-in-the-kitchen strip is to have some horrible man come in and ruin Elly's attempt to have an identity because that's what men do. They come along and insist that women can't have identities that aren't about serving male interests because men are pigs, rats, dogs, snakes and pretty much every zoo animal that disgusts Lynn. 

The problem with Unfrozen Caveman Farmhand's dog-in-the-manger act is, sadly, the whole Apaches vibe this arc has been giving off. Simply put, Danny, Bev and Arnold would probably stand around watching Poface McDeathseeker and his crew race around the farm looking for ways to accidentally self-terminate without seeing a bloody thing wrong with what's happening. This, of course, is owing to Lynn totally missing the point of what was said. In real life, someone probably lit into her for witlessly endangering herself and those around her by joyriding. Given her inability to admit ignorance, she transmuted "Check yourself before you wreck yourself" into "Stay in the kitchen." The problem with that is by having a man who's a chromosome away from cretinism lecturing her, it looks like he wants to hog all the reckless driving for himself. 
Tags: exile farm, lynn versus the real world

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