dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The mental ravine between perception and reality.....

We've seen how difficult it is for the Pattersons to sustain friendships and the approximate cause: they isolate themselves because they have no friends and they have no friends because they isolate themselves. Not, of course, that they recognize this. NOT recognizing what's wrong with themselves is pretty much their thing. For instance, John thinks he's a caring and honest human being when, in fact, he's a selfish manipulator. Also, Liz refers to herself as having a 'get-it-done' and 'take charge' personality when she's actually a passive, whiny lump pathetically waiting for other people to live her life for her. Thirdly, April constantly casts herself as the injured party in her dispute with Becky when she's the one being a jackass about things. Not only do they not see what they're doing wrong, they also don't see the other family members for what they really are. For instance, we can all safely agree that aside from her vicious and unjustifiable hatred of Becky, April is pretty much a sighing doormat, only too eager to do any damn thing to please her parents. Since they're pretty much programmed to see defiance wher none exists, the slightest hint of unhappiness with their imbecile whims is gleefully paraded around as proof that their spineless lacky of a daughter is an out-of-control rebellious horror-freak. This refusal to acknowledge reality is yet another reason the Pattersons are avoided as nobody is gonna hang around jerks who can't see the world for what it is lest they to go insane.
Tags: pattersons vs the world

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