dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The miracle people: Kool-Aid Nation.

As we've seen over the last week, the chirpier of Lynn's defenders have soothed themselves with a logical fallacy that protects them from having to admit that they're eroding the meaning of the word "miracle" by applying it to everything that impresses them. The belief that sustains them is the ludicrous supposition that if a person doesn't gape in awe and call every single cool and impressive thing a miracle, he or she is completely and utterly unable to see the wonders around them.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. One evening, I was taking a walk around my neighborhood. Up until about, oh, a half an hour beforehand, the day had been overcast and gloomy but it was starting to clear up. In the eastern sky, the clouds were still dark and grey but in the west, they'd begun to break. As the evening went on, the Sun had come through the clouds. The best way I can describe the effect of the Sun shining on the objects in the East was that it looked as if it weren't the Sun illuminating them. The contrast between them and the grey clouds made it look as if the light were coming from inside of the trees and buildings themselves.

Was the sight impressive? Yes. Did it make me feel better? Yes. Was it a miracle of either divine or everyday nature? No. It was simply a cool optical illusion that I find pleasing. What sets me apart from the gang on Coffee Talk is that since I don't holler miracle, they think that cheery little scenes like that don't mean a thing to me.
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