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The hidden antagonism factor.

One of Lynn's more recent comments leaves us with the unmistakable impression that Arnold the farmhand is a pastiche of Donny Cruikshank's brother-in-law and some skeevy pervert of a farmhand who gave Lynn the screaming habdabs. I should imagine that Freddy Parkinson recognized elements of himself in the character as well as elements of said off-putting individual when "Arnold" was called to his attention. It probably angered him when he realized that Donny's wife's sister-in-law thought so little of him that she used a nation-wide forum to declare that to her, he was on all fours with that guy and, given how defensive her comment was, he told her so. What really seems to have hurt is that he more than likely thought that they'd gotten along well up until 1983 when he learned that she hated him so much, she had to avenge herself on him in a public fashion.

Given that Lynn thinks like a kid and really doesn't seem to understand that people can't see inside of her brain, she probably told the man "You KNOW what you did" when he asked why she did what she did to him. If he had made the mistake of telling her that he either had no idea what she was talking about or believed that the matter was resolved because she didn't seem to react at the time, the argument would have gotten even more bizarre. This is because what most people don't seem to realize is that Lynn would seem to have the odd ability to look as if something doesn't bother her while at the same time putting someone who bothered her on her enemies list.  
Tags: lynn versus her family

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