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Surface tensions in the Pattersphere.

The reason that I mentioned all of that yesterday is that we’re about to be reminded of something rather annoying about John. Quite simply, he doesn’t seem to see that the feelings of those around him matter. His response to Elly’s pointing out exactly how hurt she is by his implication that she’s lazy, stupid and worthless is to dismissively tell her to just sit there and take verbal abuse. This is part of a long-standing pattern of bad behaviour on his part in which he struts around thinking that his family has the inconvenient and silly habit of getting worked up over nothing. After all, it isn’t his feelings that are getting hurt so he cannot allow himself to see the problem.

The predictable side effect of this inability to see that other people’s feelings matter just as much as his own is that when John is the butt of jokes, the same clod who can’t see why Lizzie was so sensitive about his ‘harmless’ teasing is filled with fury. The look on his face spells out what’s on his mind. Quite simply, he is both enraged and baffled by the fact that he, John Patterson, had his dignity take a hit and his feelings wounded. Can’t the awful people around him see that that cannot be allowed to happen?

The reason, of course, that he cannot put himself in the shoes of those he mocks is that by doing so, he’d have to admit that he’s a jackass who exults in the suffering of others. He and his fellow moral monster Mike can look at other horrible people and say that they have no right to be so cavalier with the feelings of those around them but, as we’ve seen, point to some sort of arbitrary and ridiculous non-event as an excuse for not being ‘muzzled’.

As I’ve said before, the two of them think that there is some sort of awful conspiracy concocted by simply terrible people to keep them from expressing themselves. An adult knows that you just can’t pop off and say the first thing that comes out of your mouth because other people have feelings; wide boys like Mike and John think that decorum is a synonym for castration because they never outgrew the need to say what they want to when they want to no matter what it does to others. This would be bad enough were it not for the fact that the ‘tragedies’ they claim give them licence to be idiots are so stupid. In both cases, two stupid, greedy children are still squealing in outrage because they think that they should have been allowed to have final say over having a younger sibling.

Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, mike patterson: universal idiot

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