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"You always managed to make up for it." or Phil versus remorse.

A thing that you cannot help but notice is that most of the male characters want to be free from feeling remorse about the mistreatment of others. Mike spent most of his life whining about how awful people were for expecting him to treat Elizabeth like a human being, John spends most of his time quaking in his boots at the terrifying prospect of admitting that he wronged people and Phil, as I am about to remind you, hates the idea of having to admit that Marian played favorites.

We're about to be reminded of this when he oh-so-casually declares that he and Georgia are entering into a common-law marriage. When Elly points out that if she'd tried that, Marian and Jim would have disowned her, Phil goes out of his way to not see that he's allowed more freedom because he's male. When she presses the issue, he behaves as if trying to remind him that he's led a charmed life because of his gender is a bad thing.

This, of course, is part of a larger pattern in which the smug dolt with the fruity-looking mustache races around whining about how any hindrance to his acting like a spoiled brat is an unjustifable evil. An objective observer can look at him and see him for what he is: a wide boy indulged by a mother who made a fetish of his knavery and objected to her daughter's insistence on not being made into said drip's nanny. Since he grew up being waited on hand and foot and since women either scrambled to meet his needs or were forced to do so, he regards a world in which he has to be a man instead of a brat kid with the same horror John sees a life in which there are shades of grey.
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