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Officially Not Funny.

As we know, Lynn has gotten into the habit of annotating her strips so as to explain what she thinks about things. What we usually get is a non-sequitur which reveals that Lynn is a very odd woman who believes that those around her have the ability to see inside her head as well as a fairly nasty person who seems to live to nurse decades old grudges. The notes attached to one of her more recent entries spell out quite clearly that she does, in fact, use the strip to settle old scores and complain about those around her. This would be bad enough in and of itself if she did not also take pleasure in admitting that up until now, she’d denied that she was doing that when asked. The problem, as I see it, is that Kool-Aid Nation might actually be okay with this. Up until now, all she had to do was to bleat “It’s just a comic strip” and those of us who try to inject common sense into the conversation were told to stop picking on her. What tells me that they’ll love it that she uses her strip to bludgeon people over the head because they irked a prickly, vindictive pain in the neck is that they’ll decide that it’s her job to use her strip to bleat about how simply awful her husband and children are. Will they stop to consider the need of the people she slams to not be slammed? Not as such, I don’t think. After all, they deny our right to criticize her because we don’t have public forums to beat people up with impunity.

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