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Super Naked Pattersons: the next great stupid revelation.

The interesting thing about Lynn's need to present herself as a sort of victim of people who want to make her feel bad about what she sees as being nothing especially wrong is how her need to insist that animal abuse is funny and that only physical abuse leaves scars is that her need to defend being a horrible person leads to her revealing other bizarre thought patterns. We've already seen a lot of examples of her unbelievable belief that since all the precautions in the world can't one hundred percent guarantee that the accident that they are meant to prevent won't happen, taking any precautions at all is simply a waste of time so we're primed to see the next great big logical lapse. It seems to me that the strip in which she makes a point of not seeing that John's traumatizing Mike by seeing no great need to preserve the boy's modesty is where the next stupid insight is going to come from. We're about to be told that naked people are funny, full stop. This is because we're dealing with a nasty little kid who thinks that since the human body is ugly and gross, watching people waddle around in the buff is nasty, dirty innocent fun and people who talk about a dignity that's just for her are a bunch of killjoys.

What's more, half the fun is why the people are naked in the first place. Most of why children, as a for instance, are naked is that Lynn loves the 'joke' wherein a child's response to a suggestion that they can't get their clothes dirty by doing something messy is not to stop getting messy but to not wear anything while doing it. It combines martyred parents and chaos-loving children embarrassing Mommy by being bare-assed. The other occassions in which someone is naked are all about how funny it is to see people in pain when they lose their dignity. The only way that Lynn could ever realize how horrifying it is to be caught out in the buff is if it happened to her. That way, her habit of developing empathy after the fact would make her see that she might not have been as funny as she thought she was.
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