dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Evading Blame and other Foob Delights.

Now, it's a sad fact that most people's lives don't bear too close scrutiny. What separates us from the Pattersons of this world is the fact that, deep down, we realize it. Since the funky-fresh Foobs don't want to own their assiness like the rest of us, their closet full of skeletons is dead-bolted from the outside. This is the real reason they all hate Mira. One of Mrs. Sobinski's concerns is her dread that her daughter will end up wasting her life propping up a ne'er-do-well named Mike Patterson. She may not have counted on the Noble Scribe being one of the luckiest goofballs on the face of the Earth but her worries hit far too close to the mark for the Pattersons' comfort. They feel compelled to dismiss the woman as a jealous lunatic otherwise they'd have to admit to being wrong, which would never do.
Tags: evil mira, pattersons vs the world

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