dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Empathy after the fact: a possible side-effect of the Housening.

Every so often, Lynn does something she doesn’t intend to when she writes those notes of hers. What she does is hint that she’s got something mildly wrong with her. What generally happens is that she does something any normal person would know to be a dumb and bad thing and she only realizes that it’s a dumb and bad idea after the fact. This means that what we sometimes think to be the result of being a jerk could well be the result of having some sort of autism spectrum disorder. If this is the case, she does know right from wrong but doesn’t know going in how her actions are going to be perceived. Her most recent example is a longish story about how Aaron reacted poorly to what she thought was a harmless little joke. She had to piece together from his being terribly upset that what she did was wrong because she simply wasn’t capable of seeing things her way. Since John is the character that most closely resembles her as a clueless, foolhardy and insensitive clodhopper, the only way that he could go from his current state of allowing as how maybe he didn’t consider April’s feelings during the Housening to realizing that he acted like the greedy, imperious and heartless moron would be to finally somehow learn that his fear that he had no control over his family is nonsense. Granted, his empathy would be of the same self-serving variety as Lynn’s (“CHEE!!! I didn’t realize that I came across as a tyrant!”) but just as he finally realized that Elly isn’t lying about feeling overwhelmed just to make his life bad, he is capable of seeing that April felt as if she had no control over anything. It would just take the right words to get the point across. Words like “When did you ever not have control?” and “Why do you hate me?” 

Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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