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The Nuclear Option: Artifacts and Endings...

The last phase of the fantasy strip would a damned sight less annoying than the one we're familiar with. Instead of the endless battle of a group of troglodytes against the forces of not letting them eat every meal and drink every drink because John and Elly couldn't shout everyone in the world down, we'd have the rather bland and happy tale of a woman, her second husband, her child from that marriage and their tidy and mildly comic misadventures. Every so often, her children from her first marriage would appear and allude to exciting adventures we never got to see.

The reason I say this is that there'd be drama enough in just dealing with Elly and Tom's daily lives without the imbecilic soap opera and the need to jam it to Mira and Therese for trying to win all the time. More people could identify with Elly wondering what the most diplomatic way to sack a doltish, thieving subordinate was than they would her squealing about cash bars at christenings.

The ending of the saga would thus not be Elizabeth's wedding to a clammy cipher whose selling point is that John can totally own him, Elly squealing about quitting motherhood and Mike's getting a crazy, no-way fantasy career but Robyn's graduation from high school, Jim's passing away quietly in his sleep after a brief illness and an ultra-awkward reconciliation between Lawrence and the Pattersons. That way, we could finally find out what John and Connie's deals were. The one would be all about having a twisted sort of empathy that made him so afraid of being weak that he hated people less sturdy than he was and the other would be still be the angry child pissed off at Daddy because he wanted a son.

The last month would be a parade of characters as we looked back at Elly's life up until her retirement. She'd admit to having made grave mistakes but for better or for worse, her life was what it was.
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