dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

"I hated to disappoint him" and other lousy excuses.

As you might have guessed, I am not especially fond of the strip which was originally published on 4 September 1983. It appalls me that we have John so cavalierly yank the blanket away from Mike so that he could have biiiiiig fun traumatizing the child by exposing him to the public. What makes John's being so damned smug about casually running rough-shod over Mike's expectation of being treated with dignity so damned aggravating is that it's part of a pattern. What seems to be happening is that John is trying to remind his children that as the father, he can do whatever he wants to them whenever he wants to and they are fighting against all that's right and true in the world if they stand up for themselves.

This, I should think, is owing to John's fear of being weak and helpless and thus open to being treated shabbily. He tends to not want to admit that not everyone in the world is a monster motivated by jealousy, malice, greed, gluttony and cruelty because that would mean that he'd have to look in the mirror and see not the respectable straight shooter he wants to see but a petty, deceitful moron who threw his youngest daughter under the bus so he could play with trains.
Tags: child rearing disasters, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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