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At least SOMEONE obeys me.

To get back to why John thinks that he has the right to pull blankets away from children, you would have to pay close attention to what another Sunday strip teaches us. The strip I have in mind is the one that originally ran on 17 February 1980. As you will recall, our lad had to deal with a hard day at the office and responded to the awful imposition of dealing with difficult patients and other minor annoyances by taking out his pointless rage on his family. What this tells me is that John expects unquestioned obedience from his family to compensate for what he has convinced himself is a complete humiliation: not getting his own way all the time in the real world. This, as I've said before, makes him the peer of all of the other hateful patriarchs who play tyrant in response to alleged humiliations. It, for instance, makes him the equal of Elly's pompous ass of a grandfather who thundered on witlessly about how unfair it was that the rest of the world did not immediately reverse societal change he didn't like because some greasy little non-entity of a remittance man living in Vancouver howling about how putting French on the cereal boxes was part of a Papist plot to overthrow the Anglo-Saxon race. He is also a clone of Connie's dad who believed that the fact that he had no sons wasn't a fact that he had no control over but a humiliation willed upon him by les autres. In both cases, a made-up sin that rescues someone that doesn't matter from having to realize that he isn't the centre of the universe allows a puny anonym to strut around as if he has a mandate from God to ride rough-shod over everyone in his field of vision.

Having to contemplate all of these alpha doofuses would almost be hilarious if the results weren't so damaging to society as a whole. Were they real men instead of spoiled brats wailing about the bogeyman, their children wouldn't have grown up to become dysfunctional vermin in their own right and bred even more examples of a species I call "Gymnopitechus Stultissimus Canadiensis": The All-Canadian Blithering Idiot.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?, the liographies

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