dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Bigger than Daddy.....

Watching John blow a piston rod because he can't get his own way all the time and reminding ourselves that other patriarchs turn into sullen children wailing about unfairness when they too have to face the frustrations that come with being human reminds us of a fact that should be obvious: somewhere in her heart of hearts, Lynn thinks that a father is a big bully who wins all the time and who can't be allowed to show signs of weakness like caring about how other people feel about anything. The only way she seems to think that the family can keep going is if a surly brute forces the weak to do his bidding.

This, of course, requires converting a woman who used to have dignity and self-respect into someone whose job it is to clean Big Daddy's house so that he need not lift a finger, cook Big Daddy's meals so that he need not feminize himself by learning to cook and deal with his offspring when it's not fun. This horrific amalgam of mother, maid and nanny is not supposed to win arguments but is supposed to let Big Daddy betray whatever trust he feels like betraying. Given that both Elly, Mrs Poirier and Thérèse's mother smugly defend Big Daddy's tyranny because they believe it to be the way of the world and because it offers them prestige and material possessions, there's a big part of both Lynn and Beth that assumes that a woman's lot in life is to trade the ability to look in the mirror without vomiting in self-loathing for shiny trash.

The exception which tests the rule is, of course, EEEEEEEEEEvil Mira Sobinski and her weak husband Wilf. Since it takes an extreme situation for that guy to tell her that she's overstepped the bounds of common stupidity, it's assumed by most people that he isn't a real man. We can safely combine this with a lot of Lynn's huffing and puffing about how her daddy disappointed her by not wanting to agree that he should have horsewhipped his wife for daring to tell Little Lynnie that a child didn't actually know what was best for her tells us that Lynn likes cavemen dads because they can make mommies let children run hog-wild.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, daddy's little nutjob.

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