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Keeping the family going.....

What really bothers me about all the tyrannical fathering we see going on in the strip is how popular it seems to be with Lynn's admirers. I would far rather contend with the weak-kneed, simpering imbeciles who assume that since I ask them to think about what they're reading instead of being a happy vegetable like they are, I'm a bad man who thinks bad things and says horrible, mean, cruel things like "Pay attention to your surroundings for once in your lives."

I'm also not talking about the chuckleheads and drips who simper that even if bad things happen, it's just a cartoon so we shouldn't worry about the impressionable clods who might emulate what the Pattersons do. Even if the deluded drips were to see someone yank a blanket away from his Michael, they still wouldn't allow themselves to see that nothing is just anything because that would, ta-da, require them to think about what they're seeing and that would be wrong.

If only Lynn's fans were simply a group of whinnying dolts who think that if they have to watch where they're going and think about what they're doing, the terrorists win. At least then I wouldn't be scared shitless at the prospect of reading Coffee Talk. That's because sooner or later, I know that I'm going to see someone congratulate Lynn for showing us the world as it is and should be when she shows us a character doing something discreditable. Worse still, these people seem to see what most of us would call 'common decency' as somehow being a threat to the family unit. It terrifies them that people like us believe that John's 'right' to be a shit to his wife and children should be challenged. They're as afraid of John having morals and restraint as they are of a world where Anthony would have had to endure the horror of living up to his original wedding vows or any man spending time with his children when it wasn't fun. Heck, they're even afraid of the idea of April not being treated like furniture no one wants.
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