dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

And the mother shall be a self-satisfied craven doormat.....

As irritating as it is to see all the fathers in the Liographies be depicted as cruel, archaic stereotypes for being much the same sort of insensitive, entitled, grasping, self-satisfied vermin John is, watching their wives bray incessantly about how awful it is that people object to Big Daddy being a Big Pile of Excrement is even more aggravating. If it ain't Connie's mom bloviating about how Connie should pretty much apologize for ruining her dad's chance to have a son to carry on his family name, it's Therese's mother wondering why the Hell her child is angry that her dad makes a fool of her with a succession of predatory mistresses. The idea seems to be that a woman needs self-respect like a fish needs a bicycle; what a woman really 'needs' is a Big Daddy to tell her what to think and when to think it. Sure, around the house, she's large and in charge but in the real world, Big Daddy has the final word.

The reason I really get annoyed when I look at this isn't simply that Lynn manages to be misandrist by having a sneering brute as her Ideal Man and a misogynist for having a cringing idiot who's smug about trading her 'unneeded' dignity for things as her Ideal Wife, it's that she dares to say that John and Elly are any different from Therese's folks. Sure, John might not have the guts to cheat but he does treat her like a child and she's happy to let him.

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