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On toppling and better quality garbage.

In my haste to ascribe the Pattersons' failure to learn from their mistakes on their inability to remember bad experiences that could help them instead of simply confirming their persecution complex and validating their sense of entitlement, I forgot to mention another problem. For them to learn from a problem, they first have to remember that they caused the problem in the first place. The example that comes most readily to mind is the final preventable catastrophe Farley was subjected to: his dying of a heart attack after pulling April out of that river behind the house. As you will recall, Elly said that April toppled into the river as if it could not have been prevented at all.

Since we're dealing with a woman who doesn't believe in taking any sort of precaution because they aren't guaranteed to work exactly one hundred percent, she looks at something we would see as being preventable and insists that it isn't. In her mind, she's absolved from blame because April and that stream were destined to collide and no lock in the world could have prevented it. It is thus with Farley getting sick because he ate garbage; he was meant to suffer because Elly can't prevent things.

What makes this sort of thing all the more annoying is that people are willing to believe her. Most, if not all, of the people on Coffee Talk who cry when Farley died don't burn with the anger that they should be feeling about the imbeciles whose witlessness caused his death. They're more inclined to blame April for opening the gate than Elly for shrugging and thinking that since locks can fail, she only had to say something vague and not have to do anything else.
Tags: elly versus the real world, farley: chew toy of fate

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