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“Sometimes, a loser needs to win.”: Elly’s uselessness in the face of bullying.

As we all know, we’re about to have our first good look at Brad Luggsworth fairly soon. I’ve talked about the little freak before but I think that it’s about time to remind us of what’s really annoying about him. It isn’t that he wants to pulverize Mike or that he seems to win all the time and it isn’t even the irritating Liography that defies common sense by blaming his bullying on being from a Broken Home. That last does bother me because it makes more sense to assume that he’s just some kid whose idiot dad told him “If some kid gives you lip, deal with him how you see fit” than a junior version of the Stalinist folk-hero ‘Proletarian Bayoneting A Landlord’.

No, it isn’t quite Lynn’s distrust of the lower elements (the same distrust that made it make soooooo much sense for a poor kid to talk kids from good homes into vandalizing John’s eyesore model train layout) that bothers me. What really bothers me is Elly is absolutely useless when it comes to handling her children’s being bullied. Her idiotic response to Mike taking a beating was to tell the boy to be nice to a fractious little git who wouldn’t God-damned listen to Mike’s explaining what happened. Granted, it worked but Gordon’s saying that he could have gotten pounded if he made peace made a lot of sense. At any rate, it made a lot more sense than the irritating biography which emanated from Beth’s sigmoid colon.

Elly would go on to be equally useless when she made a point of not understanding the peer pressure that made Liz want to wear trendier clothes and April want to skirt around a dress code that she herself would have been enraged by were it imposed on her and just as useless when Jeremy Jones slithered into view. Once again, we had the same by-the-good-book chat about being nice to someone who doesn’t want to accept anyone’s friendship. At least this time, John agreed that Elly was out of touch.

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