dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

This strip conserves integrity: Lynn and pandering.

As we’ve seen over the years and by her own admission, Lynn really doesn’t have much use for organized religion. She’s given varying reasons over the years but it seems to her that having to go to church every Sunday is sort of a waste of time. That being said, she sure does love strips that imply otherwise. From the earliest days, we had to deal with Mike asking Elly if church was such a good thing, howcome they didn’t go more often and in the latter days, we had Meredith wondering when Jesus was going to meet the Easter Bunny. What this says to me is that Lynn had realized fairly early on that if she were to play-act at valuing something she didn’t, she could get approval from those who did.

This is not only why we have Mike doing some uncharacteristic praying, it’s why Elly becomes an environmentalist on Earth Day and it’s why she pretends that she wants to get involved in April’s education when she wants to squeal about how horrible computers are. What’s repulsive about it is that the people she panders to don’t want to admit that they’re praising a huge phony and hate people who want them to not be deceived like Tweety hates Sylvester.

Tags: coffee talkers, lynn j.: portrait of a user.

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