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The fate fallacy.

There is, of course, yet another self-defeating behaviour that kept Elly from really doing anything about the problem of Farley roaming around the neighborhood destroying things and risking death. The clue to what that is is how she describes what happened when he died. As you will recall, she told Connie that April toppled into the river as if no human agency were involved at all. It wasn't about Elly lying her ass off in the (false) hope that April lacked the short term memory to realize that she'd been deceived, it wasn't about Elly ignoring warnings about keeping children away from streams because it would get in the way of yakking to Connie about her vacation and it certainly wasn't because she didn't really do anything useful about April's ability to Houdini outta their property. It was fated that April would simply topple into the river and no one, especially not Elly was to blame.

You can understand her dilemma, of course. If Farley's roving around loose is her fault, she would have to apologize forever and ever. It makes perfect sense when you remember that Elly still thinks like the malicious, domineering little creep who scared Marian fartless. She never outgrew the same sort of distorted thinking that transfixes Bart Simpson; the reason Groening gives for the spiky-haired little annoyance's being unemployable is his lunatic misapprehension that apologizing for one thing leads directly into being forced to accept the blame for everything. Were Elly or John or any Patterson to admit that they screwed up, they'd have to admit that they're the cause of all of the evils in the world.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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