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"I don't know anyone with a blue van": Elly and unacknowledged affirmative duties.

The most painful part of the 'garbage gastritis' arc is knowing that we have to go through something a lot like it all over again in sixteen months' time. You see, some lazy idiot who hates to fumble with keys manages to leave the gate open, Farley wanders around loose and they have to go down to the animal shelter to pick him up. When questioned about the matter, Elly tells John that she just never thought about getting the dog a license.

The reason that I mentioned that is that it puts me in mind of the strip leading up to Farley's death that I find especially irritating. I've already told you about all the warnings about keeping kids away from swollen streams Elly tuned out because they got in the way of boasting about her adventures. What I forgot was that when everyone was trying to figure out what happened to April, Elly asked the very stupid question "She wouldn't go down to the river, would she?" Just as it never once occurred to Elly that Farley might get picked up by Animal Control, it never occurred to her that April would want to have her own little ocean cruise. Elly simply doesn't seem to see that she had the affirmative duty to anticipate the worst in both occasions.

What doubles and redoubles the pain I feel when I read this is that you can just tell that Elly feels that she should be pitied because she's so witless and blind. Trying to tell her that people are angry at her because she couldn't have foreseen that people wouldn't simply let her large, stupid dog cause mischief or that April would play somewhere unsafe is useless because she can't see that it's her job to think big, scary thoughts.
Tags: elly versus the real world

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