dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Operation Overthink....

The same insane narcissism that makes them such lousy neighbors leads to another hallmark of Pattersonian behavior: the tendency to overthink the trivial. (I know I've mentioned it before but it simply explains too much not to be repeated.) These jerks are so convinced that their every deed is so important, they're compelled to give an issue 'proper' consideration. Here's a handy dandy example of something Elly overthought: 'Do I fire Kortney? What if April is lying? What if April is telling the truth and Kortney has a good reason to steal? What if I'm being too hasty? What if we can solve this by talking it out? What if Moira is being too hard on her? What do I DO???????' This went on for months while April thought that her mother didn't really care about her opinion (and safety) and Moira sat there shaking her head as Elly let Kortney take advantage of her. The only way things got better is that Moira showed some damn initiative and sacked Miss Krelbutz while Elly was off pretending she was the empty nester she wished she was on one of her Mexican vacations. This sort of marked the beginning of the end of Elly Patterson, business owner. After all, making decisions leads to embarassment so it was for the best that she let Moira take the hit. Granted, she still owns enough of Lilliput's to delude herself into believing she's really in charge and Moira's Foob-savvy enough not to dispute the issue.
Tags: child rearing disasters, pattersons vs the world

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