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The Grubberware Perplex....

As we all know, Lynn plans to pad the next Halloween arc with a new-run or two to make sure that the Halloween strip runs on 31 October. This means that we're going to either see a prelude to Lizzie having an inconvenient attack of the shyness that defines her or a follow-on to Elly dismissively referring to John as being a childish nutcase. My personal opinion is that we'd probably get Lizzie playing dress-up or Mike being a greedy idiot because I just don't see Lynn as being capable of exploiting a God-given opportunity to have Elly score a point against John. This means that we are never going to see something like this:

Panel 1: John asks Elly how she could possibly call him some sort of nutcase in front of her friends.

Panel 2: She asks him howcome he has to so serious. She was, after all, just joking.

Panel 3: He starts to say that that's different but, as she looks at him as if he's about to say just that, realizes that it isn't.

Panel 4: John mutters "You win" and saunters off.

Not, of course, that we'd want to any more than we'd want to see John stomp around like the injured party because he has to do things for his children. It rather disgusts me that Lynn thinks that he and the Delicate Genius are good fathers merely because they pay the bills but are otherwise surly, entitled non-factors in their children's lives. Sadly, it also doesn't surprise me.
Tags: amazonian catfish tinfoil hat, lynn versus the real world

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