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I never made it past the neck....

In my haste to rehash the mental failings that cause John and Elly to breed teenaged rebellion where none should exist, I forgot one thing about the two of them that is fairly important. What that important thing is is best explained by the strip that originally ran on 1 October 1983. As we see here, Elly had a good idea of what the man she was to marry would look like while John witlessly confessed that all he was looking for was a big bustline and wide, child-rearing hips. The idea that the woman's personality might somehow be important is not one that John ever took into consideration when looking for a Mrs Nerdy Moron Dentist.

This, I think, is symptomatic of what is wrong with the man in general. As I've said before, what people think and feel is not something he can care about nor is it something that he wishes to concern himself with. Most of the strip's conflict comes from his inability to even stop to consider that merely because he thinks that marriage is supposed to turn a woman into a happy homemaker and childbirth into a loving mother that that is not automatically the case. The same man who doesn't see the unfair, unfeeling and unkind moron who threw his child under the bus to play with trains we do spent his life being baffled by people who don't do what he expects of them.

That being said, Elly's reaction to this admission is even more annoying. She is startled by it but the revelation that who she is is a distant second to her looks is soon forgotten. This is to be expected because Elly only thinks that she knows who John is and tends to forget anything that reminds her that he is not especially nice nor does he especially care about what people think as long as they do what he expects them to. It's sort of depressing to watch the poor woman think that if she isn't careful, her husband will become a stranger when she doesn't know who he is in the first place.
Tags: john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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