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"I can't read your mind!!" and other dumb things to say to Elly Patterson.

As I've said before, Elly's inability to understand that the people around her do not see the world as she does is the source of all manner of mischief in her life. The woman is constantly at cross-purposes with those around her and mills around acting pointlessly upset because she suffers from the delusion that people know what she expects of them without her having to tell them. The strip I linked to is just one of many examples in which Elly assumes that a bland statement of fact is an act of defiance because she expects immediate agreement with whatever she happens to be thinking at any given moment. Elly's getting into a pointless row always seems to follow a set pattern:

  1. A child does something that displeases Elly without actually intending to.
  2. Elly makes the preposterous assumption that the child not only knows what he or she did wrong, he or she did so in order to make Elly's life worse.
  3. The child, who has no idea what he or she did to get Elly upset (or that he or she did so because he's an evil, chaos-loving, mother-hating monster) explains that s/he has no idea what Elly is talking about.
  4. Since Elly thinks that since she perceives the world one way, every single human being on the planet perceives things exactly the same way thereby making their claims to not do so into a horrible lie meant to ruin her life, she blows her stack and tells her child to stop arguing with her and immediately admit the "truth"
  5. Since mind-reading is made-up, we get a pointless row because a small child is stuck with the pointless dilemma of either having to admit that s/he really is a horrible child who wants to ruin Elly's life and get punished for that or continue to insist that only highly dysfunctional people believe in mind-reading and get dinged for lying.

Since Elly doesn't want to admit that simply because she sees the world one way that everyone else does too, she's going to ricochet from one ridiculous crisis to the next because she can't admit that she's wrong.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family

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